Disasters can strike in theblink of an eye. Focus Humanitarian Assistance stockpiles resources so thatsupplies are ready in advance of a crisis. By becoming a FOCUSSTAR, you arehelping FOCUS to prepare for and respond to disasters. For details please visit the FOCUS desk or the Al-Akhbar on how to contribute online.
· The Aga Khan Museum invites all members of the Jamat to visit. In the first year the Museum is open, we would like all members of the Canadian Jamat to come view the Museum’s art and architecture. We encourage you to become members of the Museum, which provides individuals or families with free admission for a year and discounts in theshop and restaurant. We also ask you to become ambassadors to the Museum bybringing your non-Ismaili friends, neighbours or colleagues. This helps fulfil the important mission of “building bridges” among communities.
· The award-winning musical duo, Salim and Sulaiman Merchant will be performing in Calgary for one show on Saturday November 8th at the Stampede Corral. The Jamat is strongly encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

By RafiqPunjani